Building Youth Led Movement Advocacy


To End FGM through

Community Mobilization and Awareness Raising

Public Awareness Raising Campaign for abandonment of FGM

Intergenerational Dialogue

Providing Young Generation a better Education on Consequences of FGM and Establishing Youth Forums


Building youth led movement advocacy to End FGM

Who We are?

Youth Anti-FGM Somaliland!


The Youth Anti-FGM- Somaliland is a national movement to end female genital mutilation, and catalyze their collective action to reach and influence the youth to end FGM in the next generation. YAFS launched in a conference held in Hargeisa on July, 2018 as a result of youth grass root initiatives from first Pan African Youth EndFGM Summit Held in Nairobi Kenya on April 2018. The inception of Youth Anti-FGM-Somaliland lead by youth from different organizations and youth activists around the regions of Somaliland who is passion and committed to end FGM; This movement is for youth, by youth, setting their own agenda and designing their own approach to reach other youth in their spheres of influence to achieve end FGM in one generation;


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Our Recent Activities

Herssociate: Menstruation and Menstrual Health – Dr.Mariam
TV SHOW Gender-Based Violence Program( FGM)- Dr Mariam
Tv Show Program about FGM and Its Complications- Dr Mariam