A new report from 28 Too Many published today suggests that there is real progress taking
place towards ending FGM/C in Somalia and Somaliland.
With a prevalence of 98%, FGM/C in Somalia and Somaliland remains the highest in the
world, but the report shows that collaboration between government representatives,
influential religious and community leaders, and civil society, is bringing about positive
change. There are still challenges to overcome, however, including the urgent need to pass
comprehensive anti-FGM/C laws in both Somalia and Somaliland, as well as
misunderstandings around definitions of FGM/C.
28 Too Many Founder, Dr Ann-Marie Wilson, praised the work going on,
“the will to end FGM/C in Somalia and Somaliland is definitely there and we have identified
some really important collaborative work and partnerships, including NGO and youth
networks. Laws have also been drafted in both countries and will be progressing through the
consultation phase in coming months. If a position can be reached where all types of FGM/C
are banned, this will be a significant step forward in the work to end the practice in the
Dr Mariam Dahir, Chair of Youth Anti FGM Somaliland, confirms that change is happening,
“we can see that awareness-raising is having a positive effect. Studies suggest that some
families living in urban settings are leaving their girls uncut, while other communities have
moved away from Type III FGM to practising the sunna type. But sunna is still a painful
violation of girls’ bodies and we need a law ensuring zero tolerance to all types of cutting.”
As well as highlighting the importance of involving men in discussions to end FGM/C, the
report also identifies an urgent need for comprehensive new surveys and datasets to inform
policy and programming.
Dr Wilson added, “there are some very important activities taking place in Somalia and
Somaliland, such as those around community dialogue and raising awareness of FGM/C
through the media, and these need to be supported with adequate funding to ensure they
reach all areas across the region.”
The report, Country Profile: FGM in Somalia and Somaliland is available at
http://www.28toomany.org/Somalia.– EndFGM General Media Enquiries:
Emma Lightowlers, Communications Manager, emma@28toomany.org, +41 76 602 3446
For Research enquiries: Amy Hurn, Research Manager, amy@28toomany.org
Link to full report:The full report in English can be downloaded from 28 Too Many’s Website here
Background information:
28 Too Many – 28 Too Many is a leading anti-Female Genital Mutilation research organization based
in the UK and working to end FGM in the 28 countries in Africa where it is most prevalent, as well as
across the diaspora. Our primary focus is on research, and our aim is to provide knowledge, tools,
best practice models and support networks which help anti-FGM campaigners and organizations
working with communities to bring about a sustainable change to end FGM.
Country Profile Report Dr Ann-Marie Wilson FGM in Somalia and Somaliland Executive Director 28 Too Many, Dr Mariam Dahir Chair Youth Anti FGM Somaliland https://yafsl.org/


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